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About Us

LOKADO is a community-driven local organization formed by members from Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma divisions in 2003. The major driving factor was to contribute to addressing the cross border violent conflict experienced among the Turkana pastoralist and their neighbours from Uganda and South Sudan. The cross border conflict that threatened peace, security and education system of the Turkana people in the sub-county was the overriding wheel. All the effort of LOKADO was geared towards cross border peaceful co-existence. The organization operated as a CBO until 2007 when it was registered as an NGO with the same name Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma Development Organization. During this period, the organization had extended her activities to the entire county thus the need to re-brand to remain relevant in the county. Until May 2015, LOKADO re-branded to Lotus Kenya Action for Development Organization (LOKADO)

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Our mission is to help Refugees and Host community.

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Our Core Values

Human Dignity.

Respect of life and human rights, value of life and justice for all.

Accountability and Transparency.

This means being responsible, being honest, trustworthy, openness, being realistic and clarity in communication.

Equity and Equality

Fair distribution of resources, fair judgment, inclusion of the interest groups, respecting others views/opinions and being non-discriminative.

Provision of quality services

Provide services that meet the standard, provide services that can be appreciated by the community and donor, durability, services that have impact to the beneficiaries, provision of correct information provided to the clients and sustainable.

Social Justice

Non discriminative, good reputation, fair distribution of resources, opportunities and privileges and fair judgment.

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