LOKADO is a community-driven local organization formed by members from Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma divisions in 2003. The major driving factor was to contribute to addressing the cross border violent conflict experienced among the Turkana pastoralist and their neighbours from Uganda and South Sudan. The cross border conflict that threatened peace, security and education system of the Turkana people in the sub-county was the overriding wheel. All the effort of LOKADO was geared towards cross border peaceful co-existence. The organization operated as a CBO until 2007 when it was registered as an NGO with the same name Lokichoggio, Oropoi and Kakuma Development Organization. During this period, the organization had extended her activities to the entire county thus the need to re-brand to remain relevant in the county. Until May 2015, LOKADO re-branded to Lotus Kenya Action for Development Organization (LOKADO)

The organization has field offices in Lokipoto, Loreng, Oropoi and Nawountos and Satellite office in Lodwar. The organization is managed by board of directors that form the Organizational General Assembly (comprising of patron, the chairman, the treasurer, Chief Executive Officer who represents the interests of the staff and the secretary general). The board meets twice a year. The general assembly provide leadership, guidance and supervision of the programmes and plans of action. The board as well lays down the policies for resource development and mobilization, staff recruitment, monitoring and evaluation of planned activities. The Assembly in consultations with the Board of Directors measure and establish the extent of performance of the executive through annual staff appraisal.

The Vision of LOKADO

A vibrant and sustaining institution that promotes a peaceful and just society built on people-driven means

LOKADO overall Objective

LOKADO strives to promote, enhance and develop the socio-economic development and infrastructure by working for poverty alleviation improvement on household food security and attainment of cross border peaceful co-existence for better utilization of pastoral resources for sustainable livelihood and social justice and security interventions without arms.

The Mission of LOKADO

We exist to promote sustainable livelihoods and peaceful co-existence through peace and development, building resilience and service delivery

The Motto of LOKADO

Akurwaun ang’iturkana. (The socio-economic awakening of the Turkana people

The Core Values of LOKADO

1. Human Dignity; Respect of life and human rights, value of life and justice for all

2. Accountability and Transparency; this means being responsible, being honest, trustworthy, openness, being realistic and clarity in communication.

3. Equity and Equality; Fair distribution of resources, fair judgment, inclusion of the interest groups, respecting others views/opinions and being non-discriminative

4. Provision of quality services; Provide services that meet the standard, provide services that can be appreciated by the community and donor, durability, services that have impact to the beneficiaries, provision of correct information provided to the clients and sustainable.

5. Social justice; Non discriminative, good reputation, fair distribution of resources, opportunities and privileges and fair judgment

Key Strategic Directions

There are five strategic focus areas as indicated here below:

1. Institutional Strengthening and Development: strengthened capacity of LOKADO to execute its mandate

2. Peace and development: Attainment of peace, unity and prosperity through sports and dividend projects within and across borders.

3. Community Resilience, Livelihood development and self-reliance: Informed communities on disaster risk reduction mechanism and sustainable livelihoods

4. Natural Resource Management and Advocacy: Advocate for proper and equitable utilization, allocation and distribution of natural resources

The purpose of LOKADO

1. To provide an articulated mandate and direction for peace, livelihood and household food security interventions in Turkana County and even beyond in the next five years.

2. Reaffirms our renewed commitment for collective action to empower and take sides on peace development and fight poverty and promote people’s economic growth.

3. Offer a platform and opportunities for partnership with our supporters, communities, consortiums and positive strategic alliances in pursuit of sustainable development, social stability and prosperous economy.

4. To guide and inform our development and funding partners and other stakeholders of the work we are doing and foster strong linkages and partnerships with them to achieve maximum results.

5. To guide and give a framework to the overall corporate direction and inform the wider community, governments, other institutions, public private partners and corporations of our strategic priorities and approaches to our work.

6. It sets out a clear framework for accountability, mechanisms of achieving the stated objectives as well as ensuring that sustainable impact in the LOKADO’s peace and social change, resilience standard, food security and self-reliance agenda will be measured, critiqued and/or appreciated

LOKADO Major Achievements

Since and upon receipt of mandate from the GOK on 23rd October 2003, LOKADO has moved with speed to make its contribution known as evidence by the following list of accomplishment. As you may observe, these achievements are classified into five major categories depending on the approaches dictated by the event or incident.

LOKADO is a NGO with full mandates to operate in the entire county

Functional Organizational Strategic plan for five years

LOKADO has been operating in the structured offices since 2003 to date and have furniture and equipment

3 acre plot legally registered owned by the organization

Mobilized and confidently working with strengthened community peace committees of the host, refugees and cross border neighbours in monitoring and address conflicts experienced

The organization has reliable and dedicated career professional staff establishment

The organization has five vehicles and 5 motorbikes

Presence of communication radios in the border post villages that were prone to conflict

Facilitate voluntary community disarmament among pastoral communities:

Facilitate livestock recoveries after theft without use of arms

Managed to contain previously armed hostile warriors by providing alternative livelihood options – currently tagged as reformed warriors

Offices established in all border post villages of Turkana West Sub county

The annual celebration of Moruanayeche Peace Accord since 2010

Construction of health facilities, water sources and classrooms in the sub county

Existing organization policies and administration manuals

Strong and devoted board of directors

Expansive network of stakeholders/donors; government(s) and other partners

Expansive programmes that cover Loima, Turkana West, Turkana North

LOKADO Partners

1. National and County Government (PAIS and the office of the Governor)

2. UNHCR- Kakuma Sub-Office – Energy and Environment activities

3. UN WFP – Food distribution activities


5. Bread for the World through Seeds of Peace Africa International

6. MIVA (One Men) Netherlands provision of transport means and Communication equipment

7. Catholic Diocese of Lodwar, information sharing and implementation of peace project

8. LWF/DWS, peace building and water resource development

9. GIZ – SIF & GIZ S4D on energy and sports facility development respectively

10. UN FAO

11. DADO – Dodoth Agro-pastoralist Development Organization, Uganda

12. KOPEIN – Kotido Peace Initiatives, Uganda



Key Components

1. Peace building and conflict mitigation among the Turkana and refugees, the host community and cross border i.e. Uganda and South Sudan

2. Community resilience, alternative livelihoods for enhanced household food security

3. Fuel wood Energy provision

4. Environmental awareness, prevention, protection and management interventions

5. Infrastructure development; construction of classrooms, health facilities and water sources

Major Partners and Nature of partnership

LOKADO and her partners approach the world of peace building and development in various options and angles. There are therefore varied ways in which LOKADO and the partners amicably address issues concerning the targeted beneficiaries.

LOKADO and Danida

LOKADO receives direct funding to implement jointly agreed activities targeting several/diverse beneficiaries depending on their immediate and long term needs. These activities are derived from the Community action plans generated from the Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (CMDRR). After the graduation of CMDRR by production of Community Action Plans – CAPs, BREAD (Building Resilience for Enhanced Agricultural Development) is funded to promote household food security through groups. Conservation agriculture, poultry keeping, goat keeping, bee keeping, multi-story and drip irrigation technologies are under trial. Solidarity chain, pay back system and VSLA are internal systems aimed at promoting group cohesion and project sustainability. The activities funded by Danida focus on specific areas of Turkana West, Cross Border peace building and conflict transformation initiatives. The cross border activities include Turkana and Toposa engaging them in closed door dialogues, women crusades, youth treks and inter-governmental consultation platforms.

LOKADO and Bread for the world

Through direct funding, networking, coordination and Linkage, LOKADO, SOPA, KOPEIN and DADO community-owned organizations from Kenya and Uganda are engaging warriors with intentions of bringing them out of hide outs and face other livelihood initiatives with courage and commitment. The warriors are identified, organized by Sports Facilitators on sporting, business skills training, vocational skills training and carry out appropriate businesses than cattle rustling which has claimed lives and loss of livelihood means.

LOKADO and County Government of Turkana and National Government

The government of Kenya acknowledges the complementary role played by LOKADO in cross border peace building initiatives for enhanced security of international borders, citizen security and safety and that of their property. Through various government agencies like NDMA, Provincial Administration and Internal Security and the office of the governor, LOKADO has been able to form, train and annually carry out refresher courses for Joint Cross Border Peace Forum, security task force formation and training at sub-county level and strengthening community awareness on small arms & light weapons in the porous border of South Sudan and Uganda. The provincial administration in collaboration with Government of Uganda and South Sudan and LOKADO has been able to recover raided/stolen livestock and reunited conflict survivors.


Since 2013, LOKADO has been implementing host community project supported by UNHCR. This is entirely on establishment of infrastructure like schools classrooms and health facilities. Construction of water pans and boreholes in the rich livestock grazing points facilitates availability of water for human and livestock utilization thus reduced cross border migration subsequently reducing vulnerability to attacks by rustlers. The 2015 partnership agreement witnessed LOKADO implement fuel wood project to supply firewood to the refugees in Kakuma camp, reception centre, institutions, Kalobeyei settlement camp and the transit centre in Nadapal. Making of fuel efficient stoves by LOKADO and the stoves provided to special cases of new arrivals. Secondly, oversee environmental protection and conservation and management within the camp and in the surrounding where harvesting of the firewood is done.


Through implementation of Strengthening the Resilience of Agro-Pastoralists Livelihoods in Eastern Africa (SRAPLEA), funding from Germany foreign ministry are in corporation agreement with LOKADO that is expected to last for four years. The project implementation covers Loima sub-county with Lobei, Lokiriama, Urum and Nawatom while in Turkana West it covers Lokipoto, Nawatom, Nakitongo and Namor-kirionok. The purpose of the partnership is enhanced implementation of interventions that strengthen the resilience of selected agro-pastoralist communities in cross-border regions of Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia and contribute through knowledge and scientific evidence to the development of resilience strategies at local, national, regional and international level.

LOKADO and Peace Movement PAX Netherlands Foundation

The partnership of PAX and LOKADO is mainly of co-operation in implementation of Cross-border Peace Program Turkana-Karamoja. The cross border peace intervention funded for one year shall foresee the implementation of; workshops for peace committees, support to Early warning and early response for information sharing, conduct training for reformed Youth Warriors Groups, support district peace committee and security meeting, observance and celebration of peace commemoration (Lokiriama & Moruanayeche), facilitation of Peace dialogues meeting among the Youth, Women and kraal leaders and lastly staff capacity enhancement through training on Project Cycle Management, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation

Future Outlook

It is LOKADO’s well-conceived goal and determination to work for and achieve all the objectives outlined in its programme as expounded below by the desired results

1. Increase availability of water resources and facilities in all the dry season grazing areas in Turkana West Sub County.

2. Improvement of community resilience in order to positively response to shocks and stresses of drought, flash floods and famine

3. Improvement of household food security and self-reliance building culture

4. Changed attitude and personal behaviours of individuals to prevent contracting HIV/AIDS, acquiring of information to develop safety)

5. Opening up and availing appropriate basic education opportunities to the pastoralist in the traditional set up.

6. Responsible protection and conservation of environment and harnessing of natural resources for the common good of the community.

7. Improve the livestock production and marketing for enhancement of pastoralist wealth.

8. Improve internal and cross border co-existence for sustainable development.

9. Reduced incidences of highway banditry, cattle rustling and establishment of community security structures and mechanism without use of arms.

10. Institution of the acceptable communication, inter-ethnic courts to dispense justice so as to solve conflicts at grassroots levels.


LOKADO is a needs-driven, popular and community owned organization. This is evidenced by strategic area of coverage that makes it possible for all the branches to move with speed, coordination and precision to arrest latent indicators of conflict.

The members of the community have reciprocated LOKADO’s effort by composing a number of songs meant to praise our achievements and to challenge us to do more following our historic return of their stolen animals from South Sudan and Uganda and reunification of families with survivors of war displaced persons.

LOKADO has since relied on community, partners and members support to achieve a lot within the 14 years in existence. LOKADO has major support and draws it from the kraals, sub-locations, locations, divisional, sub-county and even county levels.

The Kraal leaders are kraal peace officials and peace monitors at respective levels. They are important delegates in the monthly and AGM meetings; this confirms LOKADO’s ownership by the community that guarantees participation and continuity.

We are working with our important partners across the borders who because of our competence and strategic placement find it necessary and by choice to work with us thus promoting our capacity, experience and publicity. LOKADO will work and proceed into the future.

LOKADO through publicity and branding activities print T-shirts, Caps and lesos to enhance publicity. The organization is reach in peace songs, traditional cultural practices and values that can be harnessed, songs retrieved or performed and DVD produced for use by cluster members right from the lower to upper Karamoja cluster.

Peace messages pre-recorded are accessible to communities living within the FM coverage in Kakuma while the Digital Audio Players are available for communities found in the kraals where the FM coverage is limited.