Lotus Kenya action for development organization, LOKADO through this projects seek to improve access to domestic cooking and lighting by refugees, protect and conserve the environment and enhance peaceful co-existence between the refugees and surrounding host community living in Turkana West sub-county. Kakuma Camp and Kalobeyei settlement that host a population of 155,622 and 36,253 refugees and asylum seekers respectively by November 1st 2019 with the host population estimated at 239, 627 by 2019 census (report). The project is in line with the inter-agency sectorial Strategies, Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan 6 (Agriculture, livestock and natural resources management) and 7 (Sustainable energy solutions), CIDP component 3 that touches on water and environment.. The project has three (3) objectives which are collectively aimed at empowering and improving the socio-economic relations between the refugees and host communities through access to biomass/sustainable domestic energy, ensure the environment and natural resources are well conserved, managed and protected from human destructive activities.