The aim/ objectives of this activity is to use sports and Play as a tool to promote, passive peace life skills, health, wellbeing and supportive environment for the children. It is indeed meant to make children grow in peaceful co- existence atmosphere in their villages as they will be sharing together as members of one family and supporting each other to enhance peace within their locality.


The activity was held in Lokichoggio at ACK playground, a number of two hundred and sixty- one (261) participants (school children) both Boys and girls between six (6) and Eleven (11) years of age attended the function, they were divided into four (4) groups each with a coach to take care or instruct during the exercise. The exercise begun at around 09:00 Hrs. and ended at 13:30 Hrs. The meaning was to emphasize more on games that are related to peace building community, understanding self and others. Although, targeted persons for the activity were school children. The educational sport is aimed to promote life skills and passive peace. Games played by children had some life skills integration as the children were led into discussions after every game or play in sequence of RCA formula which stands for;

R- Reflect- Guides the child to reflect about the game and how was like.
C- Connect – Helps the child to connect what they have learnt to their experiential learning.
A-Helps the children to apply what they have learnt to their daily life.


The closing ceremony was done with few remarks from the Peace Building Program Officer – LOKADO, Youth Chairman- LOKICHOGGIO and finally LOKADO chairman who had accompany the activity facilitators in the field. He addressed the children and parents who had joined to watch the activity. He further emphasized the importance of the activity to the children as it is encouraging and making them to utilize their strength than being bored which can lead one to do evil activities such like stealing, smoking bhang, immorality and drug abuse among other evil activities that may not bring peace in the community especially during the school holidays. The chairman also encouraged the parents in attendance to encourage more girls to participate in games activities. This implies that, every village to have its playing ground that the children would use to pre- occupy them during the day. He added that children through sports interact more and eventually they will become peace ambassadors in their communities and Kenya in future. Such activity is very important and should be done more frequently and children to be encourage doing it even on their own to nurture their talents in future.